Wayleave Agreement Western Power

Electricity system operators and landowners enter into an agreement called the Wayleave agreement for the use by the system operator of a particular piece of land. We received a letter today regarding “the underground power distribution cables identified within our property line.” This is the first time we meet Wayleaves and find your website. We are not sure we will have to continue, no advice. We didn`t know we had a cable under our property. I could imagine that you need to identify the supplier and contact them about the existing terms/agreements. I hope you should be able to help in the first place. And in your experience, how long would it take for a Wayleave payment to be processed? I can give an opinion, but no advice. If you read Wayleave`s articles on my website, you will see that most companies have a “Wayleave Officer” attached. You can contact them to see how easy their process is.

Alternatively, if you like to give up a percentage, you can go to the specialized company Wayleave claims. They can bring you more and be easier, but you will likely pay a fee for their services. Consent must always be present, otherwise it is a civil intrusion that you can claim against the company if it harms our private land, makes a financial profit from your private land against the terms and existing agreement. That being said, it is good to work with companies to find common ground, because in some cases they can ask the Commission for mandatory access, which could actually reduce the amount they pay in the future if there is no long-term agreement and not everyone is entitled to these roadmap payments. That`s where it gets complicated. First, compensation can only be paid “once”. That is, if you have already taken or the previous owner demands, you are out of luck. With that in mind, if you look at the claim on giant metal pylons, the question is cautious. You must be very lucky as they have probably been claimed by previous developers and landowners.

Thank you for your info Lou. You`ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to Wayleave compensation – if you can do it yourself and have the time and confidence, it can usually fit more together. However, if it`s a particularly tricky claim or setup, or you just want others to take care of it, then a claims company with its knowledge is “maybe” better. .

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