Verizon Media Data Processing Agreement

There will be circumstances in which the GDPR will not be applicable. This may be because the data used for the provision of the service is not included in the definition of personal data in Article 4 of the GDPR or because the nature of the services provided by Verizon is not considered processing in accordance with Article 4 of the GDPR. This method can be used to confirm access requirements that were accepted by a data processor and had to be returned. Example: Verizon offers managed hosting services to its customers in Italy. Customer collects personal data about its end users and employees that Verizon stores on its behalf. In connection with the provision of these services, Verizon may access such data and is a subcontractor on behalf of the customer. `related undertaking` means any undertaking which owns or controls the undertaking, which is owned or controlled by the undertaking, or which is under the control or ownership of the undertaking; Verizon Media and the Company agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, including all appendices, schedules and appendices currently located in (“Terms and Conditions of Sale”) added by reference to such addition. In the event of a contradiction between this addition, the general terms and conditions of sale and the MSA, the order of priority is as follows: (1) this addition; 2) the general conditions of sale; and (3) the MSA. All undeified terms used there have the meanings defined in the MSA. In addition, the following email addresses for data protection requests and data subject requests are monitored: while in most cases the GDPR applies to the provision of services to customers, Verizon is a processor. This means that Verizon acts with respect to personal data on the customer`s instruction….

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