Usc Transfer Articulation Agreement

Moving to Thornton School can be a complicated process. For potential applicants, it is important to think not only about what is required for the application, but also what the transition to USC enrollment would be if admission is granted. The following information is intended to help candidates carefully study these two important questions. Subject Credit and Unit Credit If a course is transferable by another institution, there are two types of credits that can be purchased for that course: specialized credit and/or single credit. Subject Credit means that credit is given for a given course offered at USC. Unit Credit means that a charge is granted on the total number of units required to enter into a contract with USC. Music lessons taught at another institution may be transferable to USC for unit credits (whether it`s an articulation agreement or a transfer credit assessment), but in virtually all cases, these courses are not transferred for specialized credits. For example, the Thornton School does not grant specialized credit for private lessons or music theory courses, while USC may (and often) grant unit credits for these courses. New students at Thornton School who have taken music lessons at an old institution must take classification exams in the corresponding disciplines (e.g. .B.

orchestration, music theory). How students get these exams determines the placement in the necessary courses. Undergraduate Transfer Credit Services determines the transfer credits that, if they exist, can receive courses that have been taught elsewhere for a bachelor`s degree at USC. PhD students will find information about working on transfer courses on the Diploma Transfer Credit website. Collective participation and individual teaching (or applied teaching) are encouraged for all axes of representation. While these courses may not be directly considered in their programs at USC, it is important for students to continue to invest in their musical development. It is generally not recommended that PhD students wish to obtain transfer authorization to the USC Thornton School of Music….

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