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Links to online catalogues, transfer information, articulation agreements and articulation resources. Detailed campus articulation agreements can be made on the ASSIST website. Make sure you meet the transfer requirements for your major. Ruben Lubers Interim SEndedirektor 209-386-3740 There is a significant difference between these two terms, transposable and articulated, but they are often used as if they are interchangeable. The following information is based on the transferable articulation for the transition from a community school to a UC or CSU campus. ASSIST is not involved in the decision on transferable courses to the UC or CSU. Assist writes only articulation chords. Articulation agreements are formal agreements between two campuses. The articulation agreements in ASSIST are developed by the reception campus (the university campus in our examples) and entered into the ASSIST database. Each university campus is responsible for all the details of its articulation. Not all university campuses offer a articulation with each university or for all their majors or departments. Many university campuses focus on their major feeder colleges and their most popular transfer majors. This does not mean that students cannot pass on.

This means that these students must speak directly with an admissions counsellor and/or a specialist counsellor at the university concerned. Each university campus will have different articulation agreements with different universities, even if they are colleges in the same district. For example, Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College have different articulation agreements, although they are sister schools. Nor can you assume that a university community course is accepted in the same way on different campuses in the same university system. UCLA, for example, does not automatically use a course in the same way as UCSD. Visit to find the full list of the main preparation and listing courses in your college. The UCI articulation agreements on the ASSIST include news and updates from the majors and admission requirements for the fall of 2020. Students can use ASSIST to verify the agreements between Irvine Valley College, CSUs and UCs.

Click on your school below to view the UCI 2018-19 articulation agreements. Please note that these documents are temporary guides. For the latest information, please see You cannot tell if the courses are articulated by looking at course numbers, titles or even descriptions in catalogs. The only way to know if and how a course is articulated is an articulation contract. . A transferable course is a course that is taken at a university or university and can be used for unit credits at another institution. This does not indicate how the course can be used to respond to a request for expertise on a university campus. The following useful links to the UC system and the UC campus are for informational purposes only. Advisors will find in this section an update of the scientific advice you will find and will have access to the list of courses, approved for the UC Transfer Course Agreement (UC TCA), the general education requirements for the University of California (IGETC) to verify with the ASSIST if a university course for unit is transferable: Kim Alexander Articulation Officer 310-963-4038 A transferable course by the University of California State (CSU) (or Baccalaure level) is accepted for a unit loan.

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