Agreement On The Establishment Of The Asean Secretariat

NOTING the rapid expansion of ASEAN`s activities since its inception on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand, in achieving the ASEAN objectives and objectives, enshrined in the ASEAN Declaration; (a) enter into agreements with states, local or international organizations; b. contract; c. acquire and transfer property; and d. to participate in legal proceedings. Laos joined the agreement and its protocols on 23 July 1997 by the 1997 Protocol on the accession of the Laos People`s Democratic Republic to the ASEAN agreements. 1. The Centre`s activities are funded in part by all ASEAN Member States through the creation of an ASEAN Energy Fund (`fund`). Notwithstanding Article 4, paragraph 1, the mandate of the Centre`s first Executive Director is five (5) years. The Executive Director should thus facilitate and speed up the establishment of the centre. NOTE that growth within ASEAN has increased the need for a central management body to improve the effectiveness of THE coordination of ASEAN institutions and to improve the effectiveness of the implementation of ASEAN projects and activities; (xi) to exercise the administrative and financial powers conferred on it under the provisions of this agreement and other rules and regulations that may come into force below; The locally recruited staff are a national of the Member States recruited locally in the host country and appointed by the Secretary-General. (c) as a formal channel of communication between: THE members of BEING of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, as “ASEAN,” DONE on this day.

(ii) a representative for foreign trade and economic relations; Each Director of the Office is responsible, in his own voice or at the request of a part of the Secretary-General, for the development of working papers containing appropriate observations and recommendations of the Secretariat on topics of interest and areas of activity on behalf of his Office, in order to take into account the representatives of the parties at their meetings. The Secretary-General`s salaries and allowances are set by the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, which, on the recommendation of the Secretary-General, may review these salaries and allowances from time to time on the recommendation of the Secretary-General. Subject to the other provisions of this agreement, the conditions of employment of the officers and staff of the locally recruited secretariat are set in the statute. The Secretary-General is appointed by the ASEAN foreign ministers, in alphabetical order, to be appointed by a contracting party. The term of office is two years. (c) approve and follow-up of the business plan, including the Centre`s annual budget; When an officer designated by a contracting party has been detached from home service at the secretariat, he or she does not lose his or her seniority or advertising prospects in the Home Service as a result of that appointment. (ii) to assume the secretariat and to be responsible for the performance of all the functions and responsibilities entrusted to it by the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting and the Standing Committee: b) participate in all standing committee meetings; And the Secretariat is composed of the head of the secretariat, known as the Secretary-General of the ASEAN Secretariat, known as the “Secretary General”, a staff and a staff member recruited locally.

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