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1.1 – In this agreement, the following terms and phrases have the following meanings: “Agreement” means this agreement by the service commitment and the ancillary annexes; “associated undertaking”: a company that is addressed by one of the parties to one of the parties, since it is related to the projects covered by this agreement. From a broader perspective, marriage contracts are recognized only by the provisions of the Indian Contract Act of 1872. Article 10 of the Act stipulates that all agreements are contracts when they are concluded with the mutual and free agreement of the competent parties, legitimately taking into account a legitimate good. Therefore, where a marriage agreement is entered into with the reciprocal and free consent of both spouses, i.e. neither spouse is coerced, deceived, influenced or misrepreserated and there is a legal consideration and a legitimate good, the matrimonial agreement can be legally applied as a contract. It would be a legitimate counterpart and opposition that is not illegal, illegal or contrary to public order. Marriage contracts are developed to protect the interests of spouses in the event of divorce. They save time and often protect a spouse`s hard-earned money from an abusive partner. They also protect and prevent the splitting or sale of family businesses. A prenup also protects the couple from putting a lot of time and money into the courts during the divorce proceedings.

It could be a difficult decision for many couples, and yet it has now become the usual. The Taliban reaffirm that the main points of the February 29, 2019 agreement – in their view, the withdrawal of the United States, the “non-interference” of the United States in Afghanistan and the Taliban that prohibit the use of Afghan soil to threaten the United States – remain in the interests of both sides. The group that ousted the United States from power in Afghanistan in October 2001 says it is sticking to the agreement. But in a country like India, where marriage is still seen as a sacrament and not a treaty, marital agreements, which receive legal support, are lacking. They are often seen as “against public order” when they anticipate in advance the possibility of a taboo such as a divorce. Questions about terms of use should be asked us. A major problem that accompanies marital agreements is that they cannot predict the future. What happens if the financial situation of one spouse, or even both spouses, changes? And if today the woman earns Rs. 30 lakhs a year, but at the time of divorce, her income falls on Rs. 10 Lakhs or goes up to Rs.

60 lakhs. Marital agreements are not flexible and therefore cannot cope with such changes. In such situations, one of the parties is perplexed despite the course planning. Marriage agreements provide for the possibility of terminating the marriage and are intended to protect the rights and obligations of spouses if such a situation occurs. In a country like India, where marriage is considered sacred and not a social contract, marital agreements are often seen as contrary to public order. The Jammu and Kashmir High Court of Jani v Mohd Khan (AIR 1970 J-K 154) entered into the marriage agreement, which provided for certain conditions under which the wife could divorce her husband, was contrary to public order and therefore unenforceable. These terms of use and all separate agreements for which we provide services are subject to the laws of 1216 Broadway, 2nd floor, New York, NY, 10001, United States. ANGLE reserves the right to change the content of the terms and conditions of sale without notice or notification, and you can request information or raise a dispute about the Terms of Use by sending an email Each of the parties ensures that they are not allowed to bypass, avoid, bypass or bypass each other, directly or indirectly.

None of the parties with other third parties with other third parties communicated to them by the other party during the duration of this agreement or of a future period, on this agreement or on the new website, is not introduced by any of the parties with other third parties

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