User Agreement Of Pubg Mobile

7.5 You cannot directly or indirectly use our websites and other means of communication to transmit unwanted mass communications (including e-mail and instant messages). You should not collect information about our users to transmit unwanted mass communications (or facilitate transmission). You cannot make or authorize the use of websites by others to violate the terms of that game. If you or others who use the websites through your access violate this provision, we may terminate your access to websites and take legal action. We can take all necessary measures to prevent unsolicited mass communications from entering, using or remaining in communication networks or in our computer. You agree that we may provide you with the necessary communications, agreements and other information on websites electronically. If you do not agree to receive messages electronically, please stop using websites. If there is any personal data that you think we are processing and that you would like to delete from us, please contact us at the The “Access,” “Correction” and “Erasure” subsections also apply to users in Brazil, Canada, India and Russia. For users based in the United Arab Emirates, the minimum age of legal consent for commercial transactions is 21 years (in the Hijri calendar). However, a minor between the ages of 18 and 21 can obtain a court order giving him permission to conduct certain commercial transactions. In addition, a minor over the age of 7 can carry out commercial transactions with the consent of his guardian. We use your date of birth to check your age if you are a user in certain areas.

This is only dealt with on the side of the device and is not transmitted to us. · for users in certain regions, if you use gaming services, we collect your daily cumulative play time and, if you are a minor, your daily rest time to prevent gambling addiction; We automatically collect certain data from you if you use the gaming services, namely your ID, IP address, device information (such as application version, battery level, WiFi power, available space, network type, operating system version, operating system version, platform, country code, serial ID, Android ID, XID (if you are a guest user, generated from your existing information, model, manufacturer, Android ID), time settings, MAC and IDFV), check-in time, login time and information about your use of gaming services such as date and time. We also collect and store your data: We only receive this information if you voluntarily provide it for the purpose of connecting by email or mobile phone number.

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