Defence War College Academic Agreement

The commander of the Australian Defence College, Major General Mick Ryan, congratulated the graduates for completing their academic programs. “All of this week`s graduates have completed the ACSC or DSSC in one year like no other for the Australian War College,” said Ryan. “After arriving in Canberra amid the bushfire smoke in January, the eruption of COVID-19 saw War College students for the first time participate in distance education, with lectures and online classroom discussions. For some of our students, this step towards online learning was to involve them reconciling their university studies with monitoring their children`s school work or experiencing long family separations. Despite challenges like this, each of our graduates will return to their home department or country of origin, intellectually equipped to meet the challenges of defending the future. For our 23 international graduates from 18 countries, they will return home to take up leadership positions in their respective military. The friendships and ties developed between Australian and international students during their studies at War College will continue to benefit our country and our international partners for many years to come. ADFA`s academic services are provided by the University of New South Wales Canberra and academics and some university support staff. The military has a separate military education and training program to prepare officers trained for their military careers. “We want to have one supplier to get better value for taxpayers,” he added. “We want to be the military college that everyone else is trying to catch, not the other way around.” On March 14, 2001, then Governor General Sir William Deane officially opened the Australian Command and Staff College (ACSC). Prior to this date, training of middle command and staff executives was provided at individual colleges of individual services:[1] Email address: Australian universities were invited to apply for academic services from the Australian War College (AWC), a prestigious contract for the provision of courses to the next generation of strategic executives.

RSVP: To personally register your intention, please see the following link: Please send all questions to Commander Australian War College, Commodore Richard Boulton by email – War College aims to conclude a long-term agreement for university and related support services for War College, which allows for first-class housing courses, distributed learning, research, seminars and professional journals, and supports the establishment of joint military defence training from January 2023.

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